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Merry Christmas

The gifts are opened and we’ve had a lovely christmas so far. May it continue to be so for one and all.

So read good books, enjoy good company, drink some wine (or not if that’s your fancy), eat good food and keep having a good christmas.

Solan is enjoying his first Christmas.

Tim Minchin sums up rather nicely what christmas means for me. Wrong part of the world for white wine in the sun in December, but we’ve had some inside.



December 25th – Christmas Day

Like a lot of other atheists I really like christmas. I like the candles, the colors, the christmas songs (not all the dodgy lyrics), the smell of cooking and the taste of the chrismas food. I really understand that people in the northern hemisphere have been celebrating the winter solstice for a long time, long before christianity hijacked it. I’m also pleased that in Norway we still use the ancient, heden word “jul” (related to and pronounced like “yule”) for this holiday. For me christmas is an opportunity to spend time with my family, and I happen to like them all a lot.

This song by Tim Minchin describes a lot of my feelings towards christmas. I’m lucky enough to live close to my family, but gladly admit to wanting to live somewhere where drinking white wine in the sun is a more likely scenario than shuffling snow. I’d also love for my dad to still be around, we all miss him.

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