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Snow, slush, ice – we have it all

I’m not fond of snow. It’s no secret. I try not to complain every day, but in my opinion winter could last from December 23rd. until January 2nd. That would do nicely, thank you very much.

And yes, I think it looks pretty too, it’s just such a pain putting up with it on a daily basis.

This is a picture taken by Askøy vgs. (high school).  This day wasn’t too bad, slush is a lot better than ice. Slush – you get wet and cold. Ice – you fall over.


December 7th – And winter came

The temperature in Bergen has said winter for weeks, but lately we’ve had some snow too. This evening it snowed again. There’s no doubt, winter is here.

So today we’ll listen to Enya with “And winter came”.

There’s also a video where Enya and other people talk about the album, you can find it here.

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