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Fables : Animal Farm

Fables : Animal Farm by Bill WillinghamAfter a dreadful, unknow adversary invaded the different countries of Fairyland many of the inhabitants escaped to our world. Everyone who can pass for a human lives in Fabletown in the middle of New York while everyone else lives on The Farm in upstate New York.

Snow White, the deputy mayor of Fabletown, takes her sister Rose with her on the annual inspection to The Farm. When they arrive they find that the manager is gone and the animals are having meetings. It’s the start of a revolution and Goldilocks and the Baby Bear aren’t kids any more.

As with the last novel in the series Fables : Legends in Exile, I like this one a lot. It lets the well known characters from the fairy tales have whole new lives and adventures. As the title implies it also takes traits from the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell.

It’s fine reading this graphic novel without knowing the different stories that gets alluded to (and I’m sure I missed a few) ,but it’s even more fun when you catch many of the references.

I’m going to keep reading this series, it’s well worth my time.

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Fables : Legends in exile

After a dreadful, unknow adversary invaded the different countries of Fairyland many of the inhabitants escaped to our world. Here they live alongside ordinary people, but also have their own community, Fabletown. Snow White is the deputy mayor of Fabletown, and when her sister Rose goes missing it’s up to her and The Big Bad Wolf to find out what happened.

This is my first meeting with Bill Willingham’s fables, and I really loved them. The story is illustrated by Lan Medina, Stan Leialoh and Craig Hamilton, and while admitting that I’ve no formal knowledge when it comes to this, I think the illustrations are great.

Taking the well known fairytale characters out of their world and into our own gives the author a chance to let these characters have completely different lives and relationships from what we know from the original stories. Time has gone by and not all happy-ever-afters are that happy anymore. There are also new relationships forming now that characters from different fairytales have met.

Still, even though all the characters in Legends in exile are from fairyland, this is no fairy story. This is a classical whodunnit, and a very well made one at that.

Legends in exile is the first of several books in this series, and I’m looking forward to reading more of them.

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