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The Real Group

This evening we went to a concert with The Real Group here in Bergen. They are a Swedish (with one Danish member) group and they tour all over the world. It’s nice to have them visiting Bergen. We had a good time 🙂

Here’s a video. There are lots on YouTube with better filming qualities, but I wanted one with all the current members in it and the newest memeber has only been part of the group for the last six months. I also think that Göta is a really nice song.



Le Cage aux Folles

Las night we went to Den Nationale Scene, theatre in Bergen and watched Le Cage aux Folles starring Bjarte Hjelmeland as Albin and Bjørn Willberg Andersen as Georges.

It was awesome!

We had a great time and the rest of the audience seemed to be enjoying themselves too. The audience behaved more like it would on a cabaret than in a theatre, and I suppose that is the way we should behave when we’re at Le Cage aux Folles.

DNS has released a short video with interviews and scenes from the musical. It’s all in Norwgian and you can find it here.

If you are in Bergen before February 6th I recommend that you try to get tickets.

Here’s another taste of Le Cage aux Folles, this is from London and in English, but it’s still pretty good 😉

This is of course event number one when it comes to our new year resolution of attending at least 12 cultural events during 2011.

December 31st – Happy New Year

And here’s a new years resolution. In 2011 I’ll blog at least once a week. Preferably more, but once a week is the official goal.

To keep me on track I’ve also signed up on The Daily Post at

If you want to help me by egging me on by commenting on posts you’re very welcome to do that.

December 19th – Walking in the air

I’m still into christmas songs 🙂

December 18th – The Holly and the Ivy

I have a fondness for christmas music. There are lots of lyrics I don’t like much, but I fall for the melodies and the moods. Like here, when Loreena McKennit give us her version of the old song The Holly and the Ivy.

December 14th – Prisoner of the road

I had to have some Sivert Høyem in this advendt season, and he sang at the Nobel Concert after all. And now I’m going to send some money to Doctors without border, maybe it’ll be some help to a few refugees.

When I go, I go alone
There ain’t no one ever looking out for me
Just the sun, my own lean shadow
And the wind out among the trees

Home, it’s far beyond long lost horizons
Home I’ll never see
For I’ll be a prisoner of the road
And I hold no key that will ever set me free

Most humbly on my bending knee
I’m begging you to help me, please
For I’m a prisoner of the road
And I hold no key, I hold no key that will ever set me free

December 10th – Fairytale of New York

It can’t be described as the happiest christmas song in the world, but it’s still wonderful. This version also feature Katie Melua, and that is always a bonus.

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