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Being gay in Africa

There are several places in this world that I never want to visit. Some because they’re too cold, some because they’re too dangerous for my taste, many because of the way women are treated there and many because of the hostile way gays are treated. Several of these places fall in more than one of the groups, giving me an even better reason to stay away.

These days several countries in Africa seem determined to make it even less tempting for me to spend my money there.

I really can’t understand this fierce hatred against me and anyone else who happens to love a person of their own gender. It’s scary. Facing such hatred, even if it is on video and I’m lucky enough to be in a country where I’m mostly safe from these people, makes me feel a bit green around the gills.

I will encourage everyone to make sure that the organizations they support works for openess, secular education, human rights and laws that protects and ensures equal rights for women and gays all over the world.


Ducks at Sotra GK

Ducks living dangerously at Sotra golf club

These ducks enjoy their life in the green surroundings of Sotra golf club.

Kristin’s comment when she first saw them was that it was good that the ducks were plastic as they looked like they would lead a very dangerous life otherwise. They promptly moved to prove that they are not plastic but in fact do lead a dangerous life.

Kristin then proved excactly how dangerous their life is by grazing one of them with her tee shot.

Don’t worry, the duck is fine. One ruffled feather was the whole damage.

Green glimpses of Norway

The last few weeks we’ve been touring southern Norway with our American guests. It strikes me that there are three things dominating most of the lovely natural views we’ve seen; water and the colours grey and green.

Here are some glimpses of what we’ve seen on this lovely trip:

The Seven Sister waterfall in the Geiranger Fjord

Trondheim seen from Kristiansten Fortress

In the mountains between Alvdal and Folldal

Pond at Maihaugen, Lillehammer

Lysgårdsbakkene at Lillhammer

Wedding at the Hamar Cathedral Ruins

The Norwegian Lion at Eidsvoll

The Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo

Fredriksten Fortress in Halden

Garden gnome in Tønsberg

Slottsfjellet in Tønsberg

Along the Tovdal river

Waterfall between Tonstad and Eigersund

Bug with green details

Waterfall in Lysefjorden

View down to Lysebotn from the Eagles Nest

Sheep at Utstein Abbey

Sheep near Utstein Abbey

Statue of Liberty at Vignes mining museum, Karmøy

View from Rosendal towards Snilstveit Island


Kårhus in Mostraum

Piano recital at Troldsalen

Cows at Herdla

Field trip at Herdla

Ole Bull's summer home at Lysøen

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