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You want you money back?

This lady is probably an inspiration for Nina Karin Monsen (local Norwegian religious crackpot). Maybe NKM can demand a return of the money she’s paid into our church tax? Then she can personally donate it to the bishop of Bjørgvin who’s agains such awful things as gay marriage but very into tithing.

Personally I find them all to be loony: the southern baptist lady, NKM and the bishop.

I’ve never regretted leaving the Norwegian state church, and I can’t see myself becoming member of any religious organization ever again.


No DADT in Norway

I’m sitting here reading the Norwegian gay magazine Blikk. In the back of the magazine they have som pages with personal news about people – birthdays, marriages and babies, just like many other Norwegian magazines.

The thing that made me extra happy was the wedding picture of David Friedemann Strunck og Steinar Granmo Nilsen. They are holding hands after just getting married at Akerhus Fortress in Oslo, and Steinar is wearing his military uniform. No DADT (don’t ask, don’t tell) in Norway!

Because of the upcoming election Blikk has been asking all the party leaders about their gay politics. I’ve been reading their answers and become even more convinced that FrP (Progress party – very conservative) and I don’t get along. They would not let David and Steinar, or me and Kristin, get married at all.  (KrF [Christian party] wouldn’t even answer the questions, so I guess that says everything about them…)

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